Hi there! I'm Olivia Arcaro, a seventeen-year-old writer based in Melbourne, Australia. Welcome to my portfolio! 

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Self portrait, 2017


Welcome! My name is Olivia Arcaro. I am sixteen years old and from Melbourne, Australia. 


My passion is writing. I created The Thought Canteen in October, 2017 to share my work. Here, you'll find heartfelt scrutiny of the things that habitually circulate my headspace--that deeply interest, entertain or inspire me. I also enjoy dressing up, so there's some occasional look-book material on here in addition to all the words.

(The background of this site is pages from my personal notebook--certain scribblings may be slightly incriminating, but the photos on this ABOUT page likely aren't as entrancingly enigmatic as I thought, so it all ties in nicely).

If you'd like to know more about who the heck I am and what the heck I do, feel free to head over to the CONTACT page!* 


*here for sentimental reasons.     *the CONTACT page no longer exists.