A temperamental itch to share my writing conceived The Thought Canteen.

Stereotypically adrift as I gazed out the window--at blue, unfettered sky--the name came as an epiphany. I spent the remainder of that History class undergoing adjacent revelations about what I wanted the site to be: content-wise, aesthetically. As is common with solo ventures that are also deeply personal, I wasn't totally sure what I was doing, but I knew I had to do it.


In the little-over-a-year TTC has existed, it's felt less and less like it's meant to remain a portfolio, or even a blog, alone. 

The Thought Canteen was, from the get-go, going to be devoted to the perennially overstuffed and probably most important pocket of my brain. Here is where I try to make plausible the experiences--with a song, movie, outfit, friend, myself--this pocket accumulates. It's where I dispense my take on the shimmers these notable instances contain, and shed light on things that might be worth your time. A deep love for writing underpins all of this.

The Thought Canteen often feels like a formalised diary, which I think is my objective here. I want it to be honest, intelligent, funny when it fits. Something you can read on public transport while eating a bagel, or in the middle of the night snacking droopy-eyed on leftovers.  I want it to be a haven for creativity and expression; unfettered like the sky that incited it.  

Stick around, scope this out. Big things to come. 

(My name is Olivia Arcaro. I'm seventeen and live in Melbourne, Australia. My lucky number is 5, my current favourite colour is this shade of green, and my ideal day is steadily warm with a lengthy evening thunderstorm.)

Sitting on the train with a coffee.

Subject of bug-eyed freak out, which 

clearly motivated a selfie, unknown. 

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Welcome! My name is Olivia Arcaro. I am sixteen years old and from Melbourne, Australia. 


My passion is writing. I created The Thought Canteen in October, 2017 to share my work. Here, you'll find heartfelt scrutiny of the thoughts and things that habitually circulate my headspace--that deeply interest, entertain or inspire me. I also enjoy dressing up, so there's some occasional look-book material on here in addition to all the words.

(The background of this site is pages from my personal notebook--certain scribblings may be slightly incriminating, but the photos on this ABOUT page likely aren't as entrancingly enigmatic as I thought, so it all ties in nicely).

If you'd like to know more about who the heck I am and what the heck I do, feel free to head over to the CONTACT page! 


*here for sentimental reasons.